Tiled Roof Maintenance Colorbond

Iron, Colorbond and Decramastic Roof Maintenance and Restoration

  • Source and fix roof leaks
  • Change rusted tek screws Check and repair flashings (dektites, skylights, A/c’s etc.)
  • Clean and flush gutters and downpipes.
  • High Pressure Water Clean entire roof surface at minimum 4000 psi. Removal of dirt, oxidisation, moss, lichen etc. (Essential to the coating process)
  • Prime with Dulux water based, 2 pack epoxy or solvent based products dependant on surface and environmental conditions
  • Apply 2 coats of colour specified Dulux Acratex “Gloss” Roof Membrane coating. (Membrane coating on average is 6 times thicker than normal paint)
  • Clean surrounding area of debris caused by roof work